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Incorporating Exercise Into Your Busy Mum Life

The role of motherhood can feel like there is very little room left for self care, let alone exercise. However, incorporating exercise into your life not only benefits your physical health but also your mental well-being.

Physical activity triggers the release of endorphins, our natural mood lifters which can help reduce stress, anxiety and improve your overall mental state.

But what if you don't have time for exercise, or truthfully you detest every type of exercise you've tried, and it feels more like torture?! Trust me, preaching to the choir here. I am NOT a sporty person, I am a lazy, cosy, stay at home person. I used to force myself to try exercise video, weight lifting videos, Zumba - and it felt SO forced, I hated it. But then I found running, something that I did actually enjoy. Yes, it's still tough, and some days I really can't be bothered - but the feeling when the endorphins hit, when you've won the challenge or goal you set yourself, the feeling is like nothing else!

Elevating Mood and Reducing Stress
Exercise is a natural stress reliever by promoting endorphins and reducing cortisol level - and as a mum, our stress levels can be so up and down! Regular physical activity offers a healthy outlet for stress. Personally, when I go for a run, it's my time to just absolutely zone out. Blast my music and not have to think about anything at all, besides the very next step. It's honestly become a really important part of my life.

Boosting Self-Confidence
The sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a workout can significantly boost self-confidence. If you are a mum who sometimes struggles having to juggle everything - achieving your personal fitness goals are an amazing reminder for just how capable, resilient and strong you really are!

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Busy Mum Life

Enhancing Mental Clarity
Physical activity increases blood flow to the brown, which can enhance cognitive function and mental clarity, which is hugely valuable for mums who need to make quick decisions and stay organised throughout the day. Perhaps this is why many people like to exercise right at the beginning of their day?

Incorporating Exercise into a Busy Mum Life
Again, it can feel like exercise is just another thing you don't have time for, but I've said it before and I'll say it again - make yourself a priority.

Start with achievable goals, such as a 15 minute exercise video on Youtube or a lunchtime walk, perhaps every other day? It doesn't have to be an intense workout, you just have to figure out what works for you, and your family - and what you enjoy!

Consistency is far far more important, than intensity. So instead of aiming for lengthy workouts, focus on short, frequent exercises that can easily fit into your day. Try and stick to it for a week, then 2 weeks and see how you feel.

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Busy Mum Life

Involve Your Children
Personally, this doesn't work for me as I like my time alone, however it's different for everyone. Why not try and incorporate your children into your exercise routine? Go for long family walks or bike rides, play active games in the park or try exercise videos together. One thing I've always wanted to do when my children were babies, was to buy a running pushchair and take them with me! 

Incorporating exercise into your life is more than just physical activity, it's an investment in your overall wellbeing, plus you are being an amazing role model to your children!

Have you found an exercise you love yet?

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Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

Be honest, do you feel guilty when indulging on a delicious chocolatey treat? Perhaps you were being strict with yourself and you had a "slip up" or maybe you accidentally scoffed far more than you had intended to?

I'm here to say there is absolutely no reason you should feel guilty about treating yourself to this 'forbidden food'. According to studies, 1 in 5 people in the UK feel guilty after eating chocolate and guess what, most of those people are women. This difficult relationship with chocolate can be harmful in many ways, both mental and physical. 

We all deserve to eat things we enjoy, and we all deserve to treat ourselves without instantly feeling regret or shame over our decisions. Maintaining a balanced diet is just that, balanced. Everything in moderation, not too strict and definitely not cutting out your favourite foods!

Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

What you need to know:
* Chocolate can improve your mood, promote positive feelings and generally makes you feel good! Why do you think so many people turn to chocolate if they're having a bit of a rubbish day?

* And for the same reasons, chocolate is a great 'comfort food'. Dark chocolate in particular helps induce a calming and soothing effect in the body.

* What you really need to know is, no matter of the health benefits, if you love chocolate - then goddamn eat some! You deserve it!

Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

The health benefits
Although dark chocolate is more beneficial than other types of chocolates (due to the high cocoa content, and less sugar!) Don't let that put you off scoffing a bar now and then when you fancy it. 

Chocolate can improve memory, reduce fatigue, increase organisational skills, reduce PMS and ease cramps, reduce anxiety, improve mental maths skills, increase blood flow, increase heart and brain function and so much more! Chocolate is amazing!

Chocolate should not be your guilty pleasure, there's nothing to feel guilty about! If chocolate is your happy food, then grab a bar and brighten your day. 

Do you love chocolate as much as me?

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Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure


There are many reasons why we hug others. Whether it's an excited hug, a sad hug, a happy hug, or even a loving hug. Hugging is comforting, it makes us feel loved and happy and there's genuine reasons behind that. 

One of the main reasons hugging is beneficial is it causes our oxytocin levels to rise, otherwise known as the 'bonding hormone'. Oxytocin is a particularly important hormone in women. It plays a role during pregnancy, in giving birth, as well as breastfeeding and helping develop a strong maternal bond.

Aside from this, there are a huge variety of reasons why hugging is beneficial for us all, and I'm sharing a few of the more wonderful ways below!

Hugs Help Reduce Stress

Hugging is something we tend to automatically do when a friend or loved one is going through tough times. We want to show them support and by giving them a good cuddle it will not only help to relax them but it will lower their blood pressure to help calm them. Hugging others when they are feeling stressed will help show them you are there to support them too.

Hugging is also fantastic for helping your child if they are having a tough day, or struggling with a tantrum. You may think that by cuddling your child when they are having a tantrum is 'rewarding bad behaviour' but that's far from the truth. Your child is only young and they are learning how to manage or regulate their emotions. So hug your child close when you can tell they are stressed. Calm them down, shower them with love and when they are relaxed you can talk to them calmly.

Hugs Strengthens Your Bond With Others

As hugging helps to release the 'bonding hormone' it gives feeling of closeness. It helps to promote bonding between two people, whether it's friend and friend, husband and wife, or mother and child. 

Hugging your friends, or your partner can help show you are comfortable with them, show them you are there for them and help to improve your relationship. Hugging your children shows them they are safe, comfortable, protected and loved. Your children will learn to recognise your scent, listen to your body and feel close and comforted with you around.

Hugs Help You Communicate

As I previously mentioned, hugging can help strengthen bonds. This happens by showing support, but also by showing slight vulnerability and expressing your emotions. Hugging is comforting and communicative, even without uttering a word. Giving someone a hug can show a huge range of emotions from sympathy, love, comfort, or empathy, without even having to speak.


Hugs Help Alleviate Loneliness

Oxytocin helps reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness, and a lack of human contact can leave you feeling isolated or craving affection. Sadly, the world we live in now there is far less human contact or affection due to technology being so distracting. We switch on social media and switch off from others around us, and that is why the feeling of loneliness is so high nowadays. So switch off from technology more and be in the moment. Show more physical affection to those around you and we will all start to feel a lot less lonely.

Hugs Show Others How Much You Care

Hugging is a wonderful way of showing loved ones how much you care. A hug shows support, it shows love, understanding and the idea that you are there for them. As I mentioned above, a lack of physical affection can be damaging to our wellbeing, so we should all want to lift each other up and prove to them how much you appreciate them.

When it comes to your children, there is absolutely no such thing  as spoiling them with love. No matter when anyone says, shower your babies with physical affection and they'll know just how much you care for them. 

Hugging Makes You Physically Feel Better

The stress reducing effects of hugging also has health benefits too. Hugging releases tension, improves circulation, lowers your heart rate and causes your muscles to relax. It has also been scientifically proven that the increase in oxytocin can help strengthen immune systems! 

Did you know that when you are feeling aggravated or stressed, your immune system starts to work more aggressively, too aggressively which can actually increase your risk of becoming ill. So hug it out, relieve your stress and keep your immune system working well.

Hugs Create Happy, Loving Children

Children need different types of sensory stimulation for development, so hugging is important to grow a healthy brain and strong body. It has been scientifically proven that  showing warmth and affection to your children has a lifelong positive effect on not only your children, but their future family too as they learn from us. If we are loving and affectionate, they will grow up to be the same. Be sure to teach your children it's ok to refuse a hug too though. They are in charge of their own bodies. 


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Why you should hug more! Hugging is good for you!

Living With Eczema (and how to reduce scarring)I used to suffer really bad with Eczema, in the past I've had it all over my body but especially on my arms and legs. With my first pregnancy, my eczema was the worst it had ever been, I didn't even want to leave the house. My skin honestly felt like it was on fire, and it smelt like it too. TMI. But since then it's got a lot better, thankfully. 

Although my eczema has got a lot better, suffering so much with it has caused me a few problems - including scars. 

Living With Eczema (and how to reduce scarring)

Between the ages of about 10-25, my legs were absolutely covered in scars. More scars than skin visible at one point. I never ever wanted to show my legs, I would wear tights even on hot Summer days, or I'd wear jeans under dresses and that'd aggravate my eczema even more. I'd never let anyone see my legs, no matter what. 

I remember a moment that really stuck in my head from when I was a child, I must have only been about 10 or something. I remember there was one time I showed my legs, it was probably a hot day and I put on some shorts or something. But I remember some of my family members being shocked at what my legs looked like. There were almost worried. As if I'd harmed myself in someway. It made me so sad, and even more determined to keep them covered up. 

Living With Eczema (and how to reduce scarring)

As I grew up, I tried many different things to help my eczema and reduce the scars. Moisturisers, fake tan, "scar reducing lotions". My eczema wasn't always bad, I suffered from flare ups now and then, but it was really the scaring that got me down. I would do anything to improve the look of them. 

I figured out over the years that my eczema was triggered by the environment I was in. Dust, damp, mould, grass would all send my eczema haywire, and as soon as I was no longer around any of those things - my eczema did in fact clear up.

I haven't had a flare up in 7 years, and guess what - my scars have almost completely healed.

Patience, regular moisturising and removing any triggers from my environment and it feels almost like I never suffered in the first place. I feel free from it all to be honest.

Living With Eczema (and how to reduce scarring)

If you are still reading, and this is something you are suffering with too, trust me, it gets better.

Figure out what triggers your eczema, moisturise multiple times a day, avoid perfumed products as much as you can and let your scars heal on their own.
They will eventually, I promise.

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