About Me

Meet THE Whimsical Mama

Hi! I’m Sarah - or “Mummmm!” to my three little ones! My husband, children, and myself live in the middle of the beautiful countryside of Somerset, UK. With two girls and a boy running around the house there is an abundance of excitement, creativity, and most importantly, love. 

I spend most of my time doing typical mum things like cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. In addition, I home-school my two oldest children and make enough lists to run through a notepad in a week. It is just the way I am; a planner and organiser of every aspect of my life! 

While life is going great now, it was not always this way. I experienced parental burnout, exhaustion, and mum guilt on a regular occurrence when my children were very little. My breaking point led me to the realisation that I needed to take better care of myself because, as cliché as it sounds, you really “can’t pour from an empty cup.” I challenged myself, became more open-minded, learned about my needs and, as a result, I discovered just how much I can do. No one will call me spontaneous, but I am now aware of who I am and how great life can be for myself and my family when I cultivate an environment where I can be my absolute best self. I have a great support system in my friends and loved ones that encouraged me to get to this point; to inspire others to get here, too.

And THAT is what Whimsical Mama is all about: encouraging and motivating mums to be the best versions of themselves. You’ll find all my favourite wellbeing tips, natural beauty recipes, productivity ideas in this space, support, positivity, self care, and all that good stuff too! I encourage you to reach out to me, introduce yourself, and let me know what Whimsical Mama means to you. I’m always around for a chat, so pop over to Instagram, as that's where I tend to be!

With love,