What's In The Box - December 2023

Wednesday, January 3

Whimsical Mama Box December 2023
Whimsical Mama Box is nothing short of a delightful treasure for mums seeking a touch of magic in their self-care routine. Packed with curated self-care and wellness goodies, each box is a thoughtful blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and a sprinkle of magic. What sets Whimsical Mama Box apart is its commitment to offering more than just products – it's a reminder to every mum that she deserves a moment of joy, even in the midst of the chaos. The personalised, friendly approach makes Whimsical Mama Box not just a subscription box but a warm and inviting space for mums to prioritise their well-being, one enchanting box at a time.

Peppermint or Orange Coffee Scrub from Coffee Scrub Co:
Elevate your shower routine with the invigorating Peppermint or Orange Coffee Scrub from Coffee Scrub Co. Buff away the day's stress and leave your skin feeling refreshed. For a festive twist, indulge in a scrub before a holiday gathering to boost your glow.

Argan Oil Festive Foot Mask:
Treat tired mum feet to the luxurious Argan Oil Festive Foot Mask. Perfect for a pampering session after a day of holiday hustle. Slip on your favourite cosy socks after applying for an extra treat.

Rosy Lips Lip Balm:
Embrace winter vibes with the nourishing Rosy Lips Lip Balm. Keep those lips mistletoe-ready and enjoy a moment of self-care by applying before bedtime or under your festive makeup for soft, hydrated lips.

Whimsical Mama Box December 2023

Christmas Sheet Mask:
Unwind with the Christmas Sheet Mask – a quick and delightful way to relax during the holidays. Pop it on while sipping your favourite hot drink, and let the festive vibes rejuvenate your skin.

Make Your Own Christmas Decoration Kit:
Get crafty with the Make Your Own Christmas Decoration Kit. Create personalised ornaments while enjoying a quiet evening. It's a wonderful way to add a touch of your own style to the festive season.

Festive Bath Bomb:
Transform your bath into a winter wonderland with the Festive Bath Bomb. Sink into the soothing scents and colours for a serene escape. Perfect for a quiet, calming moment amidst the holiday chaos.

Cranberry Tealights:
Set the mood with the warm glow of Cranberry Tealights. Light them up during your 'me time' for a cosy ambiance. The flickering lights add a touch of magic to your quiet moments. 

Whimsical Mama Box December 2023

Festive Spice Candle:
Fill your space with the inviting aroma of the Festive Spice Candle. Light it up as you unwind with a good book or take a few minutes to yourself. The comforting scent will add a festive flair to your surroundings.

Sarah Needs Saving book by DCR Bond:
Dive into the captivating world of "Sarah Needs Saving". Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy spot, and lose yourself in this heart-warming story. It's a perfect escape for a mum looking to steal some moments for herself during the holiday season.

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