(AD/Review) Guilt Free Mum - How To Be Kind To Your Mind by Zeena Moolla

Wednesday, November 29

Guilt Free Mum - Zeena Moolla Book Review

In this day and age where the demands of motherhood often feel like it's just too much, where self care, and the importance of YOU is just put on the back burner - Zeena Moolla's new book 'Guilt Free Mum - How To Be Kind To Your Mind' is a guiding light, advocating maternal mental health. 

As a devoted advocate for maternal wellbeing I eagerly delved into this wonderful book, seeking insights to support new mothers on their journey of self love, self compassion and mental balance. With practical advice, mindfulness techniques and empathetic discussions, this wonderful book becomes a safe space for mums to nurture their mental health.

Guilt Free Mum is more than just your average self help book, it's a warm, comforting hug from a friend. It's a shoulder to lean on, a nudge in the right direction - helping you to navigate the pressures of daily life, the overwhelming emotions us mums feel far too regularly. Her compassionate approach reminds us all that self care isn't, and is never, selfish but an important act of self love. She unravels the multitude of 'mum guilt' that we often feel, breaks down the unrealistic expectations society has on us mothers, liberating the burden of perfection. From embracing imperfections to creating a nurturing environment of self acceptance!

Guilt Free Mum - Zeena Moolla Book Review

Guilt Free Mum uses mindfulness practices and behaviour techniques to create a toolkit for mums to work on their mental wellbeing. Moolla shares the perfect balance between personal experience and real life activities to try. It's like having a comforting conversation with a loved one, someone who understands exactly what you are going through. While reading alone, you feel comforted, listened to and supported. It is not a guidebook, it is not an activity book, it is not a memoir - it's so much more than all of that. It's a roadmap to help you work towards guilt free motherhood, a reminder to look after yourself throughout all stages of motherhood. 

It's a really gorgeous, comforting book for mums. I definitely recommend having a read for yourself. (It would also make a wonderful gift for any new mum this Christmas!) 

Guilt Free Mum - How To Be Kind To Your Mind is available from Amazon here, but if you fancy being in with a chance of winning a copy for yourself, you can enter our competition below!

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