Parenting & Self Care - Balancing Your Needs with Your Childs

Saturday, August 5

Parenting & Self Care - Balancing Your Needs with Your Childs
Being a parent is the most wonderful, rewarding thing - but it also demands a huge amount of love, sacrifice and dedication. As mums we often find ourselves with a million and one responsibilities, an overflowing to-do list of what we 'should' be doing - trying to cater to our little ones every needs, but accidentally neglecting our own needs. Neglecting our own needs, time for ourselves and self care can lead to burnout, overwhelm and stress, not to mention losing the ability to be the best mum we can be.

I wanted to talk about today, the importance of self care for mums, and how to find balance between caring for yourself and caring for your children.

You know on airplanes how you are reminded to put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else - this exact same principle applies to parenting. The very repeated here saying 'You can't pour from an empty cup'! When you prioritise yourself, you become a better parent. A less stressed, more relaxed, more fun parent. Your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing directly impacts your children, and your parenting skills! It also sets a positive example for your children - taking care of yourself too, makes you an amazing role model for your children. 

How To Fit Self Care Into Your Daily Life

Parenting & Self Care - Balancing Your Needs with Your Childs

Self care doesn't always mean hot bubble baths, spa days or mini breaks. It can be as simple as reading a book, taking time out to exercise or working on a hobby. Whatever makes you feel good, whatever rejuvenates your soul - there is no right way to do this, we are all different.

Time is precious, particularly when you feel like you have very little of it spare. Perhaps having a set routine, or allocate specific times during the week/day just for you, treat them as non negotiable! An hour each night, a day each week - whatever suits you, but remember - they are not negotiable.

Personally I am a huge fan of routines. Morning routines, evening routines, weekly routines, work routines - you name it. Why not try adding a few quick self care items scattered throughout your day. A morning workout, reading during meal times, a warm shower and skincare before bed. A couple of little regular touches throughout your day can make a world of difference! No one ever said self care had to take forever. 

Balancing Self Care & Parenting

Parenting & Self Care - Balancing Your Needs with Your Childs

You might not have hours to spare, but it's important to make the most of the time you do have. Spend quality time with your little ones as often as you can, focusing on quality time over quantity. Have a meaningful discussion at breakfast time, or set some time to play with them before dinner. This not only fills their emotional needs but it helps to create a stronger bond between you, too. 

As mentioned above, if your little ones see you prioritising yourself, prioritising self care - they learn that it's essential to take care of yourself - you are sharing a huge life lesson with them!

Lastly, unless you feel strictly that your self care is just for you - why not let your little ones get involved too? (Personally, when I go for a run, that is my ME time. Just for me. Time to zone out, and I don't want anyone else there, and that's perfectly fine!) But if you feel your children could be a part of some age-appropriate self care activities, that's amazing too! Maybe having a pamper session, trying yoga together or going for a peaceful walk. 

Little Reminder
Let's just clarify one thing - you are doing your best. Parenting is not a race, or a challenge, it's a journey - there's a lot of things you learn along the way, learn by doing.

So embrace your imperfections, celebrate your successes, and remember - you deserve the love, care and compassion you give to others. 

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Parenting & Self Care - how to balance your needs with your childs

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