Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

Friday, May 5

Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

Be honest, do you feel guilty when indulging on a delicious chocolatey treat? Perhaps you were being strict with yourself and you had a "slip up" or maybe you accidentally scoffed far more than you had intended to?

I'm here to say there is absolutely no reason you should feel guilty about treating yourself to this 'forbidden food'. According to studies, 1 in 5 people in the UK feel guilty after eating chocolate and guess what, most of those people are women. This difficult relationship with chocolate can be harmful in many ways, both mental and physical. 

We all deserve to eat things we enjoy, and we all deserve to treat ourselves without instantly feeling regret or shame over our decisions. Maintaining a balanced diet is just that, balanced. Everything in moderation, not too strict and definitely not cutting out your favourite foods!

Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

What you need to know:
* Chocolate can improve your mood, promote positive feelings and generally makes you feel good! Why do you think so many people turn to chocolate if they're having a bit of a rubbish day?

* And for the same reasons, chocolate is a great 'comfort food'. Dark chocolate in particular helps induce a calming and soothing effect in the body.

* What you really need to know is, no matter of the health benefits, if you love chocolate - then goddamn eat some! You deserve it!

Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

The health benefits
Although dark chocolate is more beneficial than other types of chocolates (due to the high cocoa content, and less sugar!) Don't let that put you off scoffing a bar now and then when you fancy it. 

Chocolate can improve memory, reduce fatigue, increase organisational skills, reduce PMS and ease cramps, reduce anxiety, improve mental maths skills, increase blood flow, increase heart and brain function and so much more! Chocolate is amazing!

Chocolate should not be your guilty pleasure, there's nothing to feel guilty about! If chocolate is your happy food, then grab a bar and brighten your day. 

Do you love chocolate as much as me?

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Why Chocolate Shouldn't Be Your Guilty Pleasure

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