What's In The Box - March 2023

Friday, April 7

Whimsical Mama Box - March 2023

Whimsical Mama Box is an amazing way to treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care and wellness! Each month, you'll receive a surprise box filled with handpicked goodies specifically tailored to your needs. We all need a little extra self love and care, and this could be the perfect way to do just that - while also discovering new products that you may not have known about before. Filled with specifically chosen products by mums, for mums.

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what was in the Whimsical Mama Box from March.

Whimsical Mama Box - March 2023

'Untamed' book by Glennon Doyle
Untamed is part motivational self help, and part memoir. 
It's all about learning to stop being who society, or we think society says we should be. She gives us advice on how to listen to our inner voice, and becoming free. It's an incredible read, real and relatable, packed full of wisdom. It'll inspire you from the moment you read the first page.

Whimsical Mama Box - March 2023

The vanilla coffee scrub is so good. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, and the scent is incredible! Although, obviously it has a coffee scent, the vanilla is so delightfully sweet! It’s a really soft, smooth and hydrating scrub - if you aren’t aware, coffee is actually amazing for your skin! I definitely recommend checking out more of their gorgeous scrubs - and we will definitely be featuring more of their scrubs in our upcoming boxes!

Whimsical Mama Box - March 2023

Caramel Biscoff candle from Tiny Tin Candle Co.
The Caramel Biscoff candle is delightfully spicy, similar to a gingerbread scent, with a sweet touch. When the candle is lit, the biscuity Biscoff scent really comes out! The candle has a very strong scent, but not overpowering, just delicious! It’s a really lovely sized candle, in a really cute tin. Plus, it looks amazing with little Biscoff sprinkles on the top. 

Lip Mask from Vitamasques
This mask came in a super cute lip print, in the same shape as your lips. It's easy to apply and stays put so you can go about your day, while pampering yourself! The scent is a gorgeous berry smell and it really helps your lips to feel plump, moisturised and brighter. Plus, it's vegan friendly too. 

Whimsical Mama Box - March 2023

Self Love Stickers from Etsy Seller

Self Care Activity

Plus A Creme Egg, A bath bomb and a extra goodie (that varied from box to box)

Our subscription box is designed to give busy mums a little break - a chance to relax, pamper themselves and even get a few laughs in the process. Every month you'll get a box filled with fun, thoughtful items that will make you feel special. We also include a personal note from us to give you a little extra encouragement and support. We hope you'll give us a try and get a chance to enjoy some guilt-free pampering!

If this sounds like your kind thing, be sure to head to WHIMSICALMAMABOX.com to grab your own box! I cannot wait to see you there!

In the meantime, feel free to head to our Instagram page for regular updates.

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