Benefits of collagen - So Body Co CollaSlim review
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in bones, skin and muscles. It accounts for 30% of your body's protein. Providing strength, structure and support to your body.

Although we make collagen naturally, as we age the amount our body produces, reduces. This is why our body can start to wrinkle, our joints ache and our muscles become weaker.

Scientific research has proven that adding collagen to your diet can provide you with anti-ageing benefits and reduce the issues mentioned about. 

I was kindly given the opportunity to review So Body Co CollaSlim, meal replacement shakes with collagen protein.

*Just to clarify, I would never recommend or suggest any weight loss products or plans, but we are allowed to try new things, right? Besides, I am keen to feel and look a bit healthier in myself this year, so it's worth a try.

So can CollaSlim from So Body Co reduce signs or ageing, and lose weight? We'll see!

CollaSlim is the first meal replacement shake with added collagen. Providing a full meal to support weight loss and introducing more collagen into your body. Honestly, recently I've been missing out on having breakfast. I find the morning can be one of my most productive times of the day, and because of that, I don't stop to sit down and eat. On the days I don't eat breakfast, I tend to feel a lot more tired and prone to overeating later on in the day - after all, 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day!'.

So I decided to instead have a CollaSlim shake for breakfast, and it worked perfectly for my routine. No need to stop or slow down, but I could still filll myself up without snacking on all the unhealthy foods. 

Collaslim come in a range of flavours, Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana Bread, Strawberry, Salted Caramel and Coffee - I chose to go with chocolate and salted caramel, flavours I knew I wouldn't have an issue with. 

Benefits of collagen - So Body Co CollaSlim review

On the packets it is recommended to mix a scoop of the powder with almond milk, which honestly sounds delicious! But almond milk isn't something I regularly buy, so I mixed the powder with water instead - and I can confirm they taste great! Like a low calorie milkshake almost. 

I gave the shakes a try every morning for 2 weeks, and honestly I did see an improvement with my aches and generally body creaks Haha!

However we were then struck down with a sick bug, so my body was back to feeling completely empty and achey again, but I can tell already that the little morning boost of collagen will make a real difference in the long run. 

So I'm determined to start again and give them a proper go this week. In regards to the weight loss, I cannot confirm or deny the effects as I do not weigh myself, I much rather go on how I feel, and after feeling ill, my body feels a little delicate. But like I said, I ready to give these shakes another go and experience the full benefits.

Do you fancy winning a month supply of CollaSlim and giving it a try yourself?

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Good luck!

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How to show yourself some love this Valentines Day  - Self care
Valentines Day isn't just about romantic love, it's about the love of a friend, the love of a family member, the love of a child and their mother, self love - love is all around

Self Care and Self Love are so important, we all know it but sometimes it can be hard to put the effort in and take time out just for yourself. Unfortunately when you don't make the time for you, burnout, stress and exhaustion are often a result. 

There's no better time to show yourself some love, make some effort to care for yourself than Valentines Day. It's a great excuse to indulge in a little self care, to slow down and enjoy your own company. Do things you enjoy - you deserve it!

So I'm sharing a few ways you can show yourself some love this Valentines Day!

self care ideas for valentines day

Take the day slowly

Not every day needs to be constant, on the go from the second you open your eyes - particularly if you aren't exactly eased awake by a blaring alarm clock either! Wake up slowly, stretch your body, try some light morning yoga and make your favourite morning drink. You don't always have to rush, take it slow, embrace the easier mornings and appreciate all that you have. 


Valentines Day is a fab time to fill in your journal, or even just write a little note to yourself. If you don't fancy that just take a few minutes and have a think about just how incredible you are.

- what is your favourite thing about yourself?
- what is your favourite part of your body?
- what do you enjoy doing on your own?
- what is your biggest dream?
- what is your favourite meal/snack you could whip up, right now?
- what gives you energy?
- what do other people love about you?
- what amazing things have you accomplished in your life so far?

Eat something delicious

Your favourite meal, an amazingly delicious snack, your go-to takeaway or even your favourite chocolate bar. Treat and indulge yourself. 

Put the effort in

Unless you fancy prancing around in your pyjamas all day (totally acceptable too btw!), why not put a little effort in and make yourself look and feel good. Try a new makeup look, wear that gorgeous dress you put away for a "special occasion", give that hair curler another whirl. Whatever you fancy, just have fun with!


Laughter is the best thing ever. Laughter decreases stress, increases oxygen intake, releases endorphins and generally just makes you feel amazing! "Laughter is the best medicine" is actually true because it offers you amazing health and wellbeing benefits!
So watch a funny movie, spend time with others who get your sense of humour and make you laugh till your stomach aches. 

If you only do one of these ideas today, make it this one. 

Have a soak

There's nothing better than a good bath to relax your body and soothe your muscles. Have a proper fancy, all out pampering bath if you fancy it. Use your best products that you put away for a special day - every day is a special day! Treat yourself! Fill the tub with bubbles, bring a drink and a snack - a book too maybe? Whatever you like, but I want you to really make this bath a good one!

self care ideas for valentines day

Do something you enjoy

Make an effort to do something you enjoy today. Everyone enjoys something! Do you have any particular hobbies? Painting? Knitting? Running? Writing? Cleaning? Gardening? Gaming? There's a million different things you could do, and if you aren't sure what you enjoy - why not give a few activities a go and see what takes your fancy, you might discover a whole new hobby you love!

Feel love

What makes you feel loved? Does your partner? Your friends? Your parents? Your children? Everyone wants to feel love from another person - so make an effort today to spend time with those who make you feel like you are the most important person to them. Make sure you show them just how important and loved they are too! 

I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day, make sure you fill up your cup! 

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