Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It
I'd like to think I'm generally a positive person. I try to see the good in everyday, notice the little things that make me happy. I like to try and promote positivity and good vibes, bring others up and brighten their day - but let's be honest here, no one can positive, and happy all the time. 

It's mentally and physically impossible to be happy all the time, and those who promote constant positivity are fake, and toxic. 

Sure I like to share and read inspirational quotes, share happy moments in my life, compliments others to hopefully brighten their day a bit - but that's not me, all day every day. Every one has days when they feel utterly awful, when nothing can cheer them up and they're really struggling - and shoving positivity or 'good vibes' down their throats is going to do far more harm than good.

Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It

What is toxic positivity?

Toxic positivity is pretty much showing that you (or you are encouraging others to be) happy, upbeat and positive all the time. That's just not realistic, not true and not something to aspire to at all. 

It's suggesting that people shouldn't have negative emotions, that it's their fault if they can't cheer up or make the best of the situation. People are made to feel a huge range of emotions, from joy, and happiness to anxiousness or hopelessness - all are valid and very real emotions.

Positivity isn't always best, and not always appropriate. Sharing 'good vibes' wont help someone who is struggling and it wont magically make their problems go away. Toxic positivity is dangerous for us all, but especially with those who might struggle with physical or mental illness, or are going through a really hard time at the moment. 

Shoving inspirational quotes and pretty much telling them to 'cheer up' is a really bad move. Again, it's basically saying 'No, your feelings aren't valid. You need to lighten up". Often if people are struggling and looking for advice or support, they need real support. They need to be acknowledged and shown their negative feelings are valid, normal and that you are there for them. 

The same goes for yourself! It's absolutely possible to project toxic positivity onto yourself. Putting on this fake persona that everything is always good, you have no reason to feel upset or negative. You should be happy, so be happy. Making yourself feel this way, or telling yourself your feelings are stupid or invalid is just as bad as projecting into onto others. Just remember your feelings are always valid, and by hiding away the negative feelings you are making things worse for yourself.

Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It

Examples of toxic positivity;

"Cheer up!"

"It's not as bad as it seems"

"Stop being so negative all the time"

"Smile! It's not that bad" 
(I absolutely detest this one. I have resting bitch face ok, and often people mistake that for me being miserable or sulking. I don't have to smile because you tell me I should mmkay)

"Just be positive"

"Look on the bright side"

"Be grateful for what you do have"

Just imagine you were in someone else's shoes for a minute. Imagine that person was having a really bad day, or something huge and traumatic has happened in their life. Or perhaps they're really struggling to get out out bed, struggling with awful depression. 

Then this awful, smiley, cheery person chimes in, telling them to SMILE, or telling them it's not that bad, it could be worse. Is that helpful? Will that help improve their situation, or make them instantly feel happier because you insisted they should feel that way? Absolutely not. 

Being positive without being toxic

As I mentioned above, I like to think I'm a pretty positive, happy person but that by no means means I'm constantly happy. That everything is always perfect in my world and I have absolutely no reason to feel sad, down or disheartened. Everyone feelings those feelings, we all all designed to feel and express a huge variety of emotions - no one is always happy. 

But still, (I'm going to say it again and again) whatever you feel - your feelings are absolutely real, and 100% valid. You're allowed to feel the way you are feeling and it's normal to feel all sorts of emotions all the time. 

I guess the main factor is, be positive while acknowledging and accepting negative feelings too.
Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It

Avoiding toxic people

I guess when it comes to removing toxic people from your life, we always think of the people who hurt you, are cruel to you etc - but what about the people's whose lives seem so perfect, they seem so happy all the time, like nothing ever goes wrong in their lives, and you just wish, for one second that you were as happy and positive as they seem to be 24/7. The truth is, they're lying to you. 

Of course, that doesn't mean that you can be positive at all! Try not to let little things get you down to much, or at least not for longer than necessary. Remember all the wonderful things you do have in your life, how thankful you are for those things, what an amazing human being you actually are. Try not to worry too much about things that are out of your control, look after yourself always.

The trouble with social media nowadays, particularly if you are someone who uses it a lot, is that from a glance, it's pretty much paradise - well Instagram at least. Perfect homes, perfect families, perfect holidays, smiling faces, lots of money. IT'S A LIE. No one is perfect, no one has it all and no one is happy all the time - but that's the only side you'll see on the internet.

Toxic people come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the most toxic people you'll meet are those who make you feel, well, pretty worthless - probably without even trying. I've had to remove a few toxic people from social media because they were making me feel awful about myself! These perfect happy families who have it all, can do it all and have nothing negative to say about their lives at all - makes me feel mediocre at best. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses, we all have a huge range of emotions, it's normal!
And if there are people you follow who make you feel bad about yourself, remove them now. 

Delete/mute/block them on social media, remove them from your lives. If they're not making you feel good, they don't deserve to be in your life. 

Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It

Have you had to deal with Toxic Positivity in your life? 

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Toxic Positivity And How To Avoid It

Did you know music has a wide range of health benefits? Music can improve your mood, decrease pain, depression and anxiety, not to mention encouraging you to release your emotional expression. 

Upbeat music helps boost the brain's production of dopamine - a hormone in the body that influences your mood, feelings of reward and motivation!



So let's face the music and dance! If things aren't currently going your way, or you're feeling a little down in the dumps - you definitely need some mood boosting techniques. The cheapest and easiest cure for a grumpy kinda day - is blasting some feel good, mood booster music!


Play them in the shower, play them on a walk alone, play them while you clean or drink your tenth cup of coffee and I guarantee you'll be in a better mood!



Let me know your favourite song on the list! 

What's your favourite go-to happy song?

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Homemade Rose Face Mask For Normal and Combination Skin

Homemade Face Mask For Normal/Combination Skin

When it comes to skincare and pampering, a good facemask is essential! Although it probably seems a lot less hassle to pop to the shop and purchase the first facemask you see - it's so much better for your skin, and your wallet to make your own!

Making your own facemask doesn't have to be complicated, and it definitely wont be pricey! You'll be able to ensure all the ingredients are natural and you'll know every ingredient in it unlike store bought products.  Natural products can do absolute wonders for your skin, while detoxing and moisturising your skin, removing impurities and unclogging pores. What's not to love about that?

I've already shared my absolute favourite facemask for dry and sensitive (and sunburnt!) skin, but today I'm sharing my go-to homemade mask for normal or combination skin.

Homemade Rose Face Mask For Normal and Combination Skin

Natural Ingredients

Did you know that roses have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties? Roses have been used in skin care for years and they can help reduce redness and moisturise your skin too. 

Rose can calm and soothe your skin, as well as reduce redness - so it's a fantastic product for acne prone, or oily skin. It helps to clean away impurities and dirt, while locking the moisture into your skin to keep your skin soft and supple.

Roses are also full of vitamins, to protect and hydrate your skin and due to the gorgeous scent of rose, it can even help you relax and brighten your mood too! They are really amazing plants. 

Honey has a wonderful array of beneficial properties for your skin (it's a regular ingredient I use for homemade skincare products!). Honey is antibacterial, and anti-septic so it will really clean out your pores, remove dirt and bacteria and it can even treat acne. It's also moisturising and soothing - ideal for sore or dry skin. Plus Honey is full of antioxidants, so it'll help boost collagen production, nourish damaged skin and even fade scars!

Natural Yogurt
Natural yogurt has a huge range of skin care benefits too, many are similar to honey and rose but yogurt is best at soothing and cooling your skin. It'll help revitalise and hydrate your skin if it's feeling dry or sore. It's really just a huge moisturise boost for your skin - plus it can help fade blemishes and fine lines too. PLUS, it's antibacterial and anti fungal too. 

See, with all these fantastic ingredients, do you really want to go back to store bought facemasks?

How To Make Homemade Face Mask

This Rose face mask is really quick to put together. With just 4 ingredients, it'll only take about 10 minutes max. Plus, if you make a bigger batch, it can be popped into the fridge for up to a week!

You Will Need:
* 2 Tbs Natural Yogurt
* 2 Tbs Rosewater
* 3 Tbs Manuka or Raw Honey
* A handful of rose petals

The cheapest, most basic natural yogurt will work for this face mask! (Just ensure it's flavour free, it'll usually be about 50p) You can easily purchase natural rose water, or you could make your own even easier, pick a few rose petals from the garden and you're nearly there!

Lastly, you'll want to use Manuka or raw honey, as the basic, cheapest store bought honey's are usually overflowing with sugar - look for something a little more natural. HUGE bonus if you can purchase a jar of local honey. 

1. First things first, you'll want to wash the rose petals with cold water. Allow them to soak for a few minutes to wash off any bugs or dirt. While the rose petals are soaking, you can mix up the rosewater, honey and yogurt in a bowl.

2. Once the rose petals have finished soaking, you can crush or rip them up and add them to the mixture. 

3. Either using a pestle and mortar, or by popping it in the blender - combine all the ingredients well together. Using a blender does create a smoother face mask and therefore, easier to apply - but it's really up to you.

4. Using clean fingers, apply the mixture in gentle circular motion to your face, d├ęcolletage and neck. Be sure to avoid your eyes, nostrils and mouth.

5. Leave the mask to dry on your skin for about 15-20 minutes. You should feel the mask soaking into your skin, hydrating and tightening it almost immediately.

6. Rinse off the face mask using cool or warm water. I generally like to wash masks off with my hands and finish it off with a light scrub using a soft wash cloth.

7. Pat your skin dry and apply your normal moisturiser - and enjoy your radiant skin!

Have you ever made a DIY face mask before? 

I'd love to hear if you give this one a go!  

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Homemade Rose Face Mask For Normal and Combination Skin

25 Feel Good Films You Need To Watch
Picture this, you've made a comfy spot on the sofa, snuggled up with blankets, snacks and a hot drink - now just to find something to watch. You want something that'll brighten your mood, help get you out of the slump you're in - but with all the thousands of options on Disney Plus, Amazon, Netflix - it's just too much choice. Does this sound like you? Because this is regularly me.

So I wanted to share with you my absolute go-to list for feel good, happy movies. All these wonderful movies are not only entertaining, but they'll brighten your day from the get go. (And they're not all romcoms you'll be pleased to hear). So cozy up and take your pick!

25 Feel Good Films You Need To Watch

Big Fish

Big Fish is a lovely story. It's all very magical, mysterious, unusual and heart-warming. One of the best Tim Burton films out there, without the usual dark, grey theme. 

Singin' In The Rain

An absolute classic film! If you are a fan of musicals, yet you haven't watched this, where have you been? If you haven't watched Singin' In The Rain, you have to! It's one of those bucket list movies, films you have to watch in your life at least once. It's brilliant! The songs, the dancing, it's just the perfect amount of cheesy and I guarantee you'll be smiling after you watch it!

The Shawshank Redemption

An absolute must see film! It's not a cheesy film, nor is it particularly funny or romantic, it's just a genuinely great film! And the ending will make you feel everything. 

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of my absolute favourite romcoms. It's heartwarming, it's cheesy, it's hilarious. It's very British. You'll love it. 

About Time

Possibly, maybe just making it to the top of my favourite romcoms ever. About Time is a gorgeous, sweet, relatable film, with a unique twist!  You couldn't have picked a better cast for this lovely film, you really couldn't! It's charming, funny and with a great message too, it's not your typical romantic comedy that's for sure. 

The Pursuit Of Happyness

I honestly wasn't sure whether or not to put this on the list. Its not your average feel good film, and halfway through you might start to wonder why you are putting yourself through this! (Gotta be honest!) It's a beautiful story and one you don't want to miss, I promise you. Just stick it out until the end. 

The Bucket List

Another happy sad film, but such a good one too. I mean, with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in the leading roles, it's bound to be amazing right? It's a lovely film, all about friendship, life and making the most of each and every day. 

25 Feel Good Films You Need To Watch

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is another one of my ultimate favourite romcoms (partly because the cast is amazing!) It's funny, it's relatable, it's touching and all the characters have strong onscreen chemistry. It's a little bit of everything you want to see in a good movie. Definitely worth a watch.

Bridget Jones' Diary

If you haven't watched Bridget Jones before, there's no time like the present! With many fun characters, relatable moments, laughable moments and hilarious quotable scenes you can't help but love it!

The Blind Side

The Blind Side is based on the amazing true story of footballer Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. Its such a heartwarming film and each actor really nails the role they are playing. Anyone and everyone can relate to this film, and you really feel connected to the characters. A lovely film that'll make you want to snuggle your family just that little bit more. 

Love Actually

I love Love Actually and I have loved it since the first time I watched it! It's a modern classic Christmas film! The story lines are cheesy, the cast is full of fantastic, talented actors and it really is the perfect pick me up film. Its not too serious, it's not meant to be! It's lighthearted and fun, everything a feel good film should be! 

The Breakfast Club

One of my absolute favourite films! The Breakfast Club is a very typical 80s film, with most of the members of the 80s Brat Pack. It's a fab little movie that really captures the teenager years of our life, how crazy and intense that time was. How we were all forced to be put into specific groups, defined by who we would hang around with and being forced into metaphorical boxes. 

School Of Rock

Literally watched this film earlier today! I remember repeatedly watching it at my cousins house when it was first out, its a fantastic film. If you want a silly, happy, feel good film - this is it. I honestly wish there were more movies out there like this one. It's funny, it's feel good, and it's family friendly too, without being childish - a really good film, definitely worth a watch. 

The Lion King

Me, being a huge Disney fan obviously had to include at least one in this list. I know not every one enjoys the classic Disney films, but you gotta admit, there's something special about them! The Lion King is such an iconic movie, it somehow gets better with age or the more you watch it! It's sweet, it's sad, it's funny, it's everything you want in a Disney film, everything you need in a feel good film! 

Mrs Doubtfire

The film shares a wonderful, heartwarming message, showing that love is everywhere, even when you can't be with those you love. It's a movie that will stand the test of time and Robin Williams is just perfect in it. His classic one liners, impressions and jokes will keep you laughing throughout. Such a lovely, funny film for the whole family to enjoy. 

The Terminal

Its just a nice film to watch. It's cute, simple but it really makes you feel sorry for the main character. The humour is spot on, the acting is amazing and Tom Hanks' character is just the sweetest, kindest person. There's nothing not to like about this film at all. It's a truly lovely watch. 

Bruce Almighty

I remember being in hysterics the first time I watched it!  It's a well made film, a nice, easy to watch story and although it's about God it's not preachy nor is it offensive, it's just silly! Definitely one to watch if you need a good laugh! 


I'm sorry, but you can't not like Shrek. You just can't, it's physically impossible. I've watched it more times than I can count, and I quote the movie on a regular basis, it's just the best. 

25 Feel Good Films You Need To Watch

About A Boy

It's a heartwarming film, filled with love while tackling real life issues such as bullying and depression. It's an entertaining film, it's sweet, it's relatable and it's genuinely lovely to watch, every scene is spot on and the perfect combination of comedy and seriousness. 


If you like a good romcom, this is like the BEST romcom. It's funny, it's relatable, it's sweet. Sure, it's predictable but in this case that's perfectly OK because throughout the film you warm towards both characters and their inevitable romance. You get what you expect with this film and you'll feel happier for it! 

Yes Man

Yes Man has a fun story with lots of hilarious moments along the way. It's inspiring, cheesy, funny and relatable all at the same time. Just a good movie! 


Matilda is such a lovely, iconic family friendly film. Its one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories, and the film is a close adaptation. It's a happy film, it's quirky, silly and wholesome. Everyone in your family will love it, I guarantee. 


It's a fantastic film because it really speaks to your inner child.This film not only speaks to your inner child, but it also reminds us as adults, the importance of having fun and living in the moment. It's a heartwarming, joyful and optimistic movie. I absolutely guarantee you'll love it. 


It's such a colourful, vibrant film. With eccentric characters, full of funny, heartwarming and sad moments that will warm your heart and deeply move you. Its not your basic Disney film, it's so so much more. 

Little Miss Sunshine

It's a charming film, it's pure and honest. You'll really feel for the main character as she goes through the struggles to get into the pageant, but she's amazing. You'll feel so connected to each and every character. This film is unusual, yet relatable. It's happy, yet sad and it'll make you laugh until you cry. You need this movie in your life. 

Have you watched any of these? 
What is your go-to feel good movie to watch?

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 I wanted to bring you a quick, cheap & very simple tutorial. I'm going to show you how to make a homemade hand scrub. It's perfect for rough or dry hands & feet, that'll leave them gorgeously soft and smooth!

Homemade Hand Scrub

This hand scrub couldn't be simpler to make, with just two ingredients, no heating, boiling, just mixing two very basic store cupboard ingredients together!

This gorgeous scrub is helps protect your skin's natural moisture barrier, gently exfoliates and softens without being oily or greasy.


Sugar draws in moisture and therefore will help retain moisture on the skin. Plus sugar is a wonderful, gentle exfoliant, buffing away dead skin cells and pollutants for a plump, fresh look. Sugar can help brighten tired skin and fight signs of aging! It's really an amazing ingredient for your skin!


Honey has natural moisturising properties, another fantastic ingredient for homemade body products. Once applied to the skin, it will deeply penetrate and hydrate your skin. Honey also brightens and tightens your skin, providing a gorgeous, fresh glow. Honey can also calm and soothe skin conditions such as eczema. (Patch test first though).

How To Make Homemade Hand Scrub

This hand scrub will only take you a minute to make, this recipe makes enough for a small jar full - but you could absolutely make a larger batch and it'll keep for up to a month.

You will need;

* 4-6 tablespoons of granulated white sugar

* 2 tablespoons honey

1. Mix the sugar and honey together in a bowl to make a paste. (Top tip - If you heat up the end of the spoon using hot water, it'll make it so much easier to get the honey off the spoon!)

2. Scoop the mixture into a cute jar and you're done!

To use the mixture just scoop less than a palm sized amount of scrub and rub it into your hands and feet whenever they feel a bit dry. Once you've rubbed it well into your skin, just wash it off and apply some moisturiser.

Try not to scrub too aggressively, gently massage it into your skin, over each finger on the top of your hands and your palms too. 

It's as easy as that! I'd love to know if you try it. I know you'll be impressed by the results!

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Homemade Hand Scrub

 International Women's Day may mean different things to different people, but above all else it's about celebrating women! Celebrating all the things women can and have achieved throughout history. To celebrate gender equality, the advancement of women's rights, political, social, cultural achievements across the globe! 

9 Empowering Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day!

I wanted to share a few fantastic ways for us all to celebrate the day, personally, as a group or even as a family!

Join in the #BreakTheBias campaign
This years IWD campaign is entitled Break The Bias. It's about collectively creating an equal world, an enabled world. A world where we challenge stereotypes, improve situations, fight bias. A healthier, wealthier world where we can all thrive and look after each other. After all, equality is not women's issue, it should be everyone's priority. 

To join in on the campaign you can help spread the word on social media. Share your support by striking a pose and standing up, as an individual for what you believe in. You can also download 'selfie cards' to help promote action and show your support. 

Head To A March Or An Event
Grab your loved ones and head to a march to stand loud and proudly demand an end to gender violence, equal pay for equal work, freedom of choice and freedom of speech, body autonomy and gender stereotypes! You can have a quick google to see if there are any marches going on near you, or search here to see if there are any events in your area. 

Show Your Support For Other Women
Whether it's shouting from the rooftops, teaching your children about incredible women, showing your appreciation of your loved ones or best friends or declare your appreciation on social media. Nowadays there are so many ways to show how much you value and appreciate others, so make sure your voice is heard and spread the word.

9 Empowering Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day!

Encourage Your Children To Find Inspiration From Important Women
Teaching your children and young adults to openly challenge stereotypes and educating them about gender issues is hugely important to help create a more inclusive world. Speak to them about gender stereotypes, encourage them to celebrate all the wonderful things women can achieve and even share a story or two about some of the incredible women in history. Personally I really really love the 'Little People, Big Dreams' books but you can find some more book suggestions here, and here.

Compile An IWD Playlist And Play It LOUD
Create a motivational, upbeat playlist on Spotify celebrating all the fantastic women who have created beautiful music. Play the playlist all day loud, play it loud and sing along. Those women wanted to be heard and they deserve to be!

Do Something Kind For A Woman You Love
Whether it's your daughter, your wife, your partner, your best friend, your mum. Do something a little extra special for them today. Give them flowers, write them a handwritten note, take them out for the afternoon. Show them what an incredible human being they are and how much you treasure your relationship with them. 

Shop At Female-Run Small Businesses
Whether it's online or offline, try and challenge yourself to use female run small businesses. Help them celebrate all the fantastic achievements they have accomplished!

9 Empowering Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day!

Donate To A Women's Refuge
All women are incredible and all women deserve to be celebrated, no matter what hardship or struggles they may have gone through. So why not give something back and make a donation. It doesn't have to be money, women's refuges often accept bedding, clothes, or even food. Have a look online and see if there are any refuges or shelters near you.

Celebrate How Incredible YOU Are
If you want to stay at home and revel in just how amazing you are, that's ok too. Take the day to look after yourself, drink all the tea, watch all of that TV show, take a long hot bath, eat all the chocolate. Do whatever you want to celebrate your amazing self. 


How will you be celebrating International Women's Day?

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9 Empowering Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day!

I'd really appreciate it! 


There are many reasons why we hug others. Whether it's an excited hug, a sad hug, a happy hug, or even a loving hug. Hugging is comforting, it makes us feel loved and happy and there's genuine reasons behind that. 

One of the main reasons hugging is beneficial is it causes our oxytocin levels to rise, otherwise known as the 'bonding hormone'. Oxytocin is a particularly important hormone in women. It plays a role during pregnancy, in giving birth, as well as breastfeeding and helping develop a strong maternal bond.

Aside from this, there are a huge variety of reasons why hugging is beneficial for us all, and I'm sharing a few of the more wonderful ways below!

Hugs Help Reduce Stress

Hugging is something we tend to automatically do when a friend or loved one is going through tough times. We want to show them support and by giving them a good cuddle it will not only help to relax them but it will lower their blood pressure to help calm them. Hugging others when they are feeling stressed will help show them you are there to support them too.

Hugging is also fantastic for helping your child if they are having a tough day, or struggling with a tantrum. You may think that by cuddling your child when they are having a tantrum is 'rewarding bad behaviour' but that's far from the truth. Your child is only young and they are learning how to manage or regulate their emotions. So hug your child close when you can tell they are stressed. Calm them down, shower them with love and when they are relaxed you can talk to them calmly.

Hugs Strengthens Your Bond With Others

As hugging helps to release the 'bonding hormone' it gives feeling of closeness. It helps to promote bonding between two people, whether it's friend and friend, husband and wife, or mother and child. 

Hugging your friends, or your partner can help show you are comfortable with them, show them you are there for them and help to improve your relationship. Hugging your children shows them they are safe, comfortable, protected and loved. Your children will learn to recognise your scent, listen to your body and feel close and comforted with you around.

Hugs Help You Communicate

As I previously mentioned, hugging can help strengthen bonds. This happens by showing support, but also by showing slight vulnerability and expressing your emotions. Hugging is comforting and communicative, even without uttering a word. Giving someone a hug can show a huge range of emotions from sympathy, love, comfort, or empathy, without even having to speak.


Hugs Help Alleviate Loneliness

Oxytocin helps reduce feelings of isolation or loneliness, and a lack of human contact can leave you feeling isolated or craving affection. Sadly, the world we live in now there is far less human contact or affection due to technology being so distracting. We switch on social media and switch off from others around us, and that is why the feeling of loneliness is so high nowadays. So switch off from technology more and be in the moment. Show more physical affection to those around you and we will all start to feel a lot less lonely.

Hugs Show Others How Much You Care

Hugging is a wonderful way of showing loved ones how much you care. A hug shows support, it shows love, understanding and the idea that you are there for them. As I mentioned above, a lack of physical affection can be damaging to our wellbeing, so we should all want to lift each other up and prove to them how much you appreciate them.

When it comes to your children, there is absolutely no such thing  as spoiling them with love. No matter when anyone says, shower your babies with physical affection and they'll know just how much you care for them. 

Hugging Makes You Physically Feel Better

The stress reducing effects of hugging also has health benefits too. Hugging releases tension, improves circulation, lowers your heart rate and causes your muscles to relax. It has also been scientifically proven that the increase in oxytocin can help strengthen immune systems! 

Did you know that when you are feeling aggravated or stressed, your immune system starts to work more aggressively, too aggressively which can actually increase your risk of becoming ill. So hug it out, relieve your stress and keep your immune system working well.

Hugs Create Happy, Loving Children

Children need different types of sensory stimulation for development, so hugging is important to grow a healthy brain and strong body. It has been scientifically proven that  showing warmth and affection to your children has a lifelong positive effect on not only your children, but their future family too as they learn from us. If we are loving and affectionate, they will grow up to be the same. Be sure to teach your children it's ok to refuse a hug too though. They are in charge of their own bodies. 


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Why you should hug more! Hugging is good for you!