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If you are feeling uninspired or unmotivated, do something to change your life today. You need to fight for what you want, you need to plan ahead and even small changes can make a big difference to your life. Try and tick a few of these things off today, and your future self will thank you!

12 Little Things To Do That Your Future Self With Thank You For

Sort Out Your Wardrobe

Go through your wardrobe and give it a good declutter. Fill up a bag of items to take to the charity shop, things that you don't wear or don't fit. Not only will this benefit others by donating to charity, but it will save you a lot of time in the future when deciding what to wear!

Automatically Transfer Money To Savings Account

Set up a standing order to automatically transfer some money on payday to your savings account. Even a few pounds every month can soon build up, and if it comes out straight away, you'll begin to not even notice it going. I've got a fantastic little set up with my bank, that means every time I pay on my card (which is pretty much every time I go to the shop) it rounds up the amount I spend to the nearest pound, and transfers those pennies into my savings account. It's a fantastic way to save without really noticing, I strongly suggest you see if your bank does this too!

Organise A Date With Friends

Spending quality time with your friends is so important. You might have 100 friends, you might only have a few but make some time every month to see those closest to you. Organise a date in advance to make sure you get a chance to see each other as regularly as possible. 

Get Into The Habit Of Taking Time For Yourself Everyday

Looking after yourself is so important, and spending quality time alone is one of the best things you can do when you need to recharge your batteries. Start scheduling quality time just for you, and you'll thank yourself when it starts becoming a habit.

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Leave Money In Your Coat Or Bag

Oh this is one of my favourite things to do for myself as and when I can. It works particularly well when the seasons are changing too. For example, leave £5 or £10 pounds in your winter coat pocket, as winter is turning into spring. You'll soon forget it's there, and you'll high five yourself when you discover it again in a few months. OR if you don't want to leave it that long, you could tuck a note behind your least used cards in your purse, and you'll discover it again at a later date. 

Book A Holiday

Book a weekend away or a holiday a while in advance, even up to a year in advance. Pay for it as soon as you can and you'll have something to look forward to for months! It'll make it more exciting, and you'll definitely thank yourself for taking that leap and booking something early!

Fill Your Diary/Calendar Up

One thing I've started doing more now is writing down important dates and things to remember as soon as they come up. Say you did book a holiday, or a date with friends - write it down there and then! Or perhaps you got a letter for the various holiday and inset days for school, write it down straight away! You'll be so glad you did when you've got too much on your mind later on and have completely forgotten!

Spend Time With Your Family

Make sure you set time aside to spend with your family and those you are closest too. Even if it's just an afternoon of drinking tea and catching up. Ensure it becomes a regular occurrence, and don't let little things get in the way of family time.

Cook A Big Batch Of Food And Freeze

Such a genius idea and really easy to implement. Cook a big batch of whatever you are having for dinner, or do it with every dinner - portion out the extras into separate tubs and freeze. You'll be so thankful for this in the future when you haven't got anything to eat, or perhaps you're not feeling well but you still need to make dinner!

Write A To-Do List For Following Day

Something I do every single night, without fail. Grab your diary and check what you've got going on the following day. Make a to-do list, even if it's just a few things to tick off the following day. (Make sure you add a few easily achievable things too though, like taking time out for you, or sitting down and drinking a cuppa while it's hot!) It will stop you forgetting anything, and encourage you to make the most of every day.

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Plan A List Of Goals And Steps, And Take That First Step

I absolutely love writing goal lists, and they are all well and good but if you haven't got a plan of how to achieve them, they aren't going to be ticked off the list anytime soon! So write down a list of goals for the week/month/year and steps to achieve each one. Then take that first step towards one goal there and then. Plus, if possible, you could even add the next step to tomorrow's to do list!

Plan Your Outfit And Pack Your Bag For Tomorrow

Almost an essential thing to do when you have children, but plan and set out your outfit ready for the next day, each evening. (I recommend checking the weather beforehand!) It'll save you a task in the morning, and no faffing around searching for a particular item of clothing. As well as planning your outfit for the next day - get any bags ready too! Pack your handbag/changing bag/ kids lunchboxes ready in advance and it'll save you so much time in the morning!

So which item on the list will you be checking off today? 
How do you like to treat your future self?

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Self Care is so important. Your needs are so important, and you need to take good care of yourself. It helps your confidence, self esteem and helps to build a healthy relationship with yourself. Self Care will make you feel better about yourself, and promote positivity in your life. When you are a mum, self care can be trickier. Harder to find the time to do it, knowing you've got a million and one other things to do. But don't forget, you are needed. Your child need you to be there, to be happy, to be strong. They depend on you, and you matter. Taking that time out just for you, is so important. 

So I'm sharing a few self care ideas for a busy mum!

Before I share my ideas, just remember this - This isn't a checklist. You don't have to go along and do all of these things. Self Care is about taking time out for you. Do something you enjoy, something that makes you feel good. Don't do something because you think you should, or you don't like it. That completely defeats the point! So first things first;

Make Time For Yourself 

As a busy mum, it can be so difficult to find any spare time, but its so important to make that time. Whether it's the time when your little ones are at nursery, while they're busy watching their favourite tv show or even when they've gone to bed. Find the time. When you've found some spare time, grab it with open arms! Instead of doing the things you think you should be doing, do something for yourself. 10 minutes everyday, 1 evening a week, whenever you can.

Create Something

Express that creative side and create something. Paint a picture, make some home decor, bake a delicious snack, make a Youtube video. Everyone is capable of being creative in some aspect, and it's so good for you to express it! The options are endless.

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Read A Book

Read that book you've had on your shelf. You know, the one you've been meaning to read but haven't found the time. Or go buy a new book, one that really grabs your attention. Sit down with a cuppa, no tv, no noise. Just you & your book.

Pamper Yourself

Take a nice long bath. Light some candles. Use bath bombs, and those expensive products you've been saving for a special occasion. Today is a special occasion. Pop a hair mask or a face mask on, paint your nails. Do whatever you fancy.


Exercise is so important to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and it helps to promote confidence & self esteem. Whether it's a quick youtube workout, a bike ride or heading outside in the fresh air for a quick jog. Whatever you fancy, just release those endorphins!

Watch A Feel Good Movie

My personal favourite. Snuggle in bed with Netflix, or on the sofa under a blanket and watch something happy, something that'll make you feel positive and leave you with a fuzzy feeling inside.

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Write Something

Write in your journal, write a letter, jot down your goals & aspirations or remind yourself of all the positive things that have happened to you that day.

Get Outside

Go for a nice long walk. Pop your little ones in the pushchair if you want to. Explore somewhere new. Fresh air is amazing, and helps improve your mood and well being.

Do Something That Makes You Feel Like You

This one might be a bit harder to achieve, but it could make you feel amazing. Remember those things you used to do before you had your little ones? Something you loved doing, something that made you feel good, but you just don't seem to do anymore? Go on a spontaneous day out? Go out for coffee with your friends? Dye your hair a crazy colour? What's stopping you doing it now because you have babies? 

Which of these self care ideas is your favourite? 
Let me know what your favourite type of self care is!

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